Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update & The Exotic Resort Zoo!

Hello Friends:

Tom and I miss you all and hope you are all in good spirits and great health.

The two of us have been busy; Tom has been working 6 days per week and I am busy researching and writing several educational blogs on various health-related issues.

We have been able to do a little siteseeing, which also helps us learn our way around this very large city.

Tom is working with a great bunch of people with whom we have had the pleasure of going out a few times and we will be attending our very first Texas Style BBQ at the ranch of one of Tom's co-workers on November 8Th.

Halloween is a big time celebration here in Austin. We are told 6Th St is where to be on Halloween night, so Tom and I are dressing up as Sonny and Cher -- he's Cher

We still have not seen the Austin Bats that come out at Dusk. It seems that every time we make plans it rains! Austin was having a drought but Tom and I swear we brought the rain with us from New England.

So far, we have not gotten the flu or any other cold (one second while I knock on wood), but recently a spider did take a chunk out of my leg which got infected and I spent my birthday at the local Urgent Care!

No, Tom has not gotten bitten by any of these lovely Texas bugs; I don't think his skin tastes as sweet as mine!!! :)

Best wishes to all!

Feeding the Deer who were also trying to eat our clothes.

Tom and his new friend Mr. Camel!

Feeding the Llama...they were very friendly and extremely gentle, unlike Tom's friend Mr. Camel who almost ate your hand along with the food.

The Exotic Resort Zoo - check it by clicking here!

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  1. How did you know it was a spider? Did you see it or did the hospital tell you, Glo? Was it a brown recluse? I'm so suseptible to insect bites, it's not even funny...I see bats here all the time. At first I didn't know what they were, I thought they were very large butterflies or very small birds because it was dusk and I'm not from here plus near sighted...anyway I was told those were bats circling overhead...nice!
    Glad you're having fun and not having the flu (knock on wood)
    I know you don't have time for a Giveaway, but just in case you do get a chance, check my blog and enter if you like what you see.

    Kind Regards,