Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hi Family and Friends:

Tom and I decided to leave Nashville yesterday around 3:00pm and head to Memphis for the night and tour Graceland the following day.

We arrived at Graceland around 5:30 and let's just say I was speechless, we got back on the highway and headed straight to Arkansas.

We finally got off the road about 9pm and spent the night at the Best Western. The girls who checked us into the hotel were behind a glass window ( I am gathering the area wasn't much safer than Elvis Presley Blvd) and we were told that the Arkansas bird was actually the Mosquito. We had to rush into the room and hope that a flock of mosquito's didn't come with us.
Let's just say I saw bugs that I have never seen before and I hope Austin doesn't have all of these Bugs!

Tom and I left this morning and drove into Texas around 2:30pm. The first sign I saw said tell me who was the genius who thought that do you even pronounce it? I wouldn't move to the town because I would feel stupid saying the Texarkana.

We saw lots of cows .................................................................

more cows...........................................................................................

and more cows..........................................................................................

and more cows......................OK so,he is a bullie cow!

We stop for gas and these cricket's were everywhere, I thought it was the attack of the locust......... it was hailing cricket' kidding!

We are now safe from the cricket's at the Sleep Inn & Suites. Tom is fast asleep and I think I will join him soon.

We are about two hrs from our finally destination - Austin!

By the way I have always been the navigator on road trips. The job description of the navigator is to tell the driver what exits to take, open drinks, stick chewing gum into the drivers mouth and yell at him when he takes a right after you told him left 3 x and or yell at him because when he is lost; he won't pull over to ask for directions.

Well I have been replace by this thing called the GPS...........and let me tell you she isn't always accurate, and that is when the driver yells "What do I do, Where do I go??? "

Tell me do you think he; I mean the driver; has the right to ask the navigate for help when his new toy the GPS lady screws up?????

Lets hear your opinions..........leave them in the comment box girls..I mean navigators.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 4

Hi Friends Tom and I spent a good part of the day in Nashville. We had reservation to board the General Jackson Showboat at Noon!

General Jackson

Tom , Tim Watson (Fiddle Man) Me!

Check out these videos of the live entertainment. Tom and I really enjoyed the cruise on the General Jackson. Tim Watson was not only a fantastic fiddle player but could sing, did a great impression of Willie Nelson and had you in stitches with his jokes and facial expressions.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 3

On the road again! Nashville here we come!

The back seat, it was nice and neat until Tom messed it up! :) No I didn't!

The Yarn Patch! I had to stop here (Crossville, TN) and I bought 3 skeins of yarn for a yarn swap I joined this month., not sure how I am going to have my sent out by August 31st! ha ha

Driving to Nashville, Tom singing along with our 70's CD's! Alright I was singing too!

Grand Ole Opry - We made it!

Tom trying on his new look for Texas! Yeeh Ha!

Grand Ole Opry

Aquarium "An Underwater Dining Adventure - Nashville

Do u see that $2 for domestic beer! And Thursday is Thirsty Thursday, Let's go Tom! Ya, right who am I kidding one beer and I will be under the table! Can I take your order ..Yes a diet coke please!

Glo's Dinner - Shrimp, rice and steamed veggies! Was absolutely delicious!

These where the fish that we were viewing while we ate dinner.

Me after happy hour, made friends with a shark! Alright, Tom made me take this pic.

Tonight we are at the Radisson in Nashville and tomorrow we have reservations to go aboard the General Jackson Showboat for lunch and a show.

Miss U all !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2

Hello Family and Friends:

Today Tom and I check out of the Days Inn about 10am with our Continental breakfast in hand, two very dry mini muffins and two extra extra extra glazed dipped donuts. Next stop? You got it Dunking Donuts.....2 large coffee and back on the road. Driving through the blue ridge mountains was absolutely beautiful, we stopped at supper wal-mart and grabbed a few things for lunch and had a little outdoor picnic. I believe we stopped a total of 6 x and 4 of them were potty stops.

We check into the Comfort in (Bristol, VA) about 7pm and the man who check us in was a riot. He chewed Tom's ear off for about 25 minutes meanwhile I was sweating out in the car and thinking what the heck is taking him so long. The desk clerk gave him the history of Marion, Va, his life story, and told us about a great Italian Restaurant that he sends everyone too. We unpacked the car "again" and heading down the street for dinner. The food was mediocre but the people were very nice! Sorry, but no one compares with Boston's North End Italian Food!

Ps: Let me apologize for not having any pictures to show you. I forget to put the disc in the back into the digital camera and we didn't bring the a cord we needed to download them directly from the camera itself.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 1 -

Hello Friends and Family:

Tom and I are beginning our 2000 mile road trip today to Austin, Texas.

To all of our friends and family that we did not get to say goodbye to "Know that we

love you and will miss you."

Tom and I are not due to arrive in Austin until August 31st so, we plan to take our time and enjoy our roadtrip.

Today we got on the road at approximately 2pm and we arrived in Harrisburg, PA about 10pm.

We got a late start so, we hit traffic going through NY and of course there was an accident while we were bumper to bumper traffic.

We have check-in at the Days Inn and so far so good. The room is very nice and bed feels very comfortable and that being said "nite nite."