Thursday, December 24, 2009

San Antonio - Thanksgiving Weekend

The San Antonio River Walk!
Tom and I went on the River Walk Boat Tour. The driver of the boat shared the history of the river walk and its architecture which, I might add was absolutely beautiful. Tom video the tour however, he need to edit/shorten it due to it being to long. When he is finished editing will add it to the blog for you to view.

Restaurants along the River Walk!

The Alamo

Hurry take the picture, the sun is in my eyes and I have to pee again!!!

Tribute to the soldiers of the Alamo!

The pictures don't do this monument justice!

Tom and Glo ate Thanksgiving dinner at the Buckhorn!

Eating dinner with all these head starring at you is just wrong!!!!

We ate lunch at the Guadalajara Grill and the food was outstanding!

We had a fabulous time! The entertainment was fantastic, food was tasty, and we enjoyed the festival as well as some of the little specialty shops. There was a pottery store that had some beautiful pieces and the colors really grabbed your attention.

We live about 1hr and 15 mins from San Antonio and we plan to go back in the near future to Sea World and maybe to the pottery store again!!!!

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