Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2

Hello Family and Friends:

Today Tom and I check out of the Days Inn about 10am with our Continental breakfast in hand, two very dry mini muffins and two extra extra extra glazed dipped donuts. Next stop? You got it Dunking Donuts.....2 large coffee and back on the road. Driving through the blue ridge mountains was absolutely beautiful, we stopped at supper wal-mart and grabbed a few things for lunch and had a little outdoor picnic. I believe we stopped a total of 6 x and 4 of them were potty stops.

We check into the Comfort in (Bristol, VA) about 7pm and the man who check us in was a riot. He chewed Tom's ear off for about 25 minutes meanwhile I was sweating out in the car and thinking what the heck is taking him so long. The desk clerk gave him the history of Marion, Va, his life story, and told us about a great Italian Restaurant that he sends everyone too. We unpacked the car "again" and heading down the street for dinner. The food was mediocre but the people were very nice! Sorry, but no one compares with Boston's North End Italian Food!

Ps: Let me apologize for not having any pictures to show you. I forget to put the disc in the back into the digital camera and we didn't bring the a cord we needed to download them directly from the camera itself.

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